NY ENT Dr. Edward Shin, Ears Nose and Throat Specialist and Director of The New York Sleep Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center

Edward J. Shin M.D.
TEL:646.943.7985310 14Th STREET, SIXTH FLOOR NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10003FAX:212.979.4315

New York Board Certified ENT

New York Otolaryngologist, ENT New York City, Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon NYC, Otolaryngology NY

A leading New York Otolaryngologist, Dr. Edward Shin is an accomplished ear, nose and throat surgeon in NYC.  At New York Sleep, Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center, we offer state-of-the-art care for a wide range of ENT disorders, including thyroid cancer surgery, as well as treatment for sinusitis and sleep apnea in our New York City office.  Our ENT New York City team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and unmatched patient service.   Find out more about otolaryngology in NY at New York Sleep, Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center


NYC Sleep Apnea, Snoring New York, Snoring Surgery NY, Sleep Apnea New York City

At New York Sleep, Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center, we offer a full range of treatment options for sleep apnea and snoring in our New York office.  Our NYC sleep apnea specialists can diagnose, treat and provide ongoing support for sleep apnea patients in New York City.  We also offer the most sophisticated treatment options for snoring, including snoring surgery in our NY office.  Find out more about sleep apnea and snoring in New York City.

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Sinusitis Treatment New York, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery NYC, Sinus Surgeon New York City

Dr. Shin is a leading sinus surgeon in New York City, providing comprehensive care and sophisticated medical and surgical treatments for chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and other sinus related conditions.  We offer advanced sinusitis treatment in New York, including endoscopic sinus surgery in our NYC office.  Find out more about endoscopic sinus surgery and sinusitis treatment in New York


Thyroid Cancer Surgery NY, Thyroid Nodule Surgery New York, Thyroid Treatment NYC

As one of New York’s leading thyroid specialists, Dr. Shin can help diagnose, treat and manage a full range of thyroid conditions.  At New York Sleep, Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center, we offer thyroid surgery and thyroid nodule surgery through our New York, NY practice.  Find out more about thyroid cancer surgery in NY, thyroid nodule surgery in New York, and thyroid surgery in NYC