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Tinnitus Treatment
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New York Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a common and distressing condition in which patients perceive sound in one or both ears when no external sound is actually present.  Symptoms of tinnitus can include persistent ringing, hissing, roaring, or clicking noises in the ear.  Tinnitus sound can be intermittent or constant, with volume ranging from low to loud.  According to the American Tinnitus Association, more than 50 million Americans experience some degree of tinnitus, with 12 million having symptoms severe enough to seek medical attention.  In some cases, tinnitus is a symptom of a more serious underlying condition.  Therefore, it’s critically important for anyone with unexplained, persistent noise or ringing in the ears to be evaluated by a qualified physician.  

What causes tinnitus?

Although the exact causes for tinnitus are not known, research suggests that there are several likely sources that can trigger or worsen tinnitus symptoms.  These include:

  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Head and neck trauma
  • Underlying conditions such as thyroid disorders, Lyme disease, and fibromyalgia
  • Certain tumors
  • Ear wax buildup
  • Certain medications
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Jaw misalignment

In some cases, treating the underlying condition can improve or alleviate symptoms of tinnitus.  In many cases, however, a cause cannot be determined, and treatment will focus on helping the patient to manage and cope with the symptoms.

Does tinnitus cause hearing loss?

No.  Tinnitus is a symptom of some other underlying problem, but does not cause hearing loss.  In many cases, however, tinnitus does accompany hearing loss.

Can tinnitus be cured?

Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for tinnitus at this time.  While in certain cases tinnitus can be managed by treating an underlying condition, many times treatment will focus on helping patients develop ways to cope with their tinnitus. 

How is tinnitus treated?

While there’s no cure for tinnitus, there are measures that can help mask or alleviate the symptoms.  The first step is to evaluate whether the tinnitus is a symptom of a more serious underlying condition.  Treatment of an underlying condition may help improve the tinnitus.  After evaluation and appropriate treatment for other conditions, Dr. Shin will work with you to find ways to manage and cope with your tinnitus.  Some coping mechanisms may include:

  • Sound therapy to help mask the tinnitus. Many patients have found relief by using external sound, such as those generated by a “white noise” machine, to help mask the sound of their tinnitus.  Sound therapy can be used with an external white noise generator, or through a device worn in the ear, similar to a hearing aid.
  • Hearing aids.  When tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss, in some cases patients may find relief by using hearing aids to reestablish their ability to hear ambient noises that normally mask tinnitus.
  • Coping strategies to reduce the brain’s focus on the tinnitus, including biofeedback, anxiety reducing medications, yoga, and meditation techniques.

How do I get more information about tinnitus and tinnitus treatments?

Dr. Shin and his team will be happy to discuss tinnitus and tinnitus treatments with you.  Please call 646.943.7985 to arrange for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our New York office.