The New York Sleep Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center Provides Sinusitis Treatments and Nasal Polyp Surgery in NYC

Sinusitis Treatment
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New York Nasal Polyp Surgery & Sinusitis Treatment

Most people suffer from short-term acute sinusitis at some point in their lives, but for many people, sinusitis can become a difficult long-term problem that negatively affects their quality of life.  Chronic sinusitis causes a wide range of symptoms from persistent and painful headaches to nasal discharge, fatigue, and difficulty breathing.  At New York Sleep, Sinus & Thyroid Surgery Center, we offer comprehensive care for a wide range of sinus-related conditions, including sinusitis treatment in New York and advanced endoscopic sinus surgery in NYC.

Dr. Shin will meet with you at our New York office to evaluate your condition and recommend the best sinusitis treatment options.  Sinusitis treatment will focus on relieving symptoms, reducing inflammation and eliminating any underlying causes.   An accomplished sinus surgeon in New York City, Dr. Shin can also help treat nasal polyps and other sinus obstructions with endoscopic sinus surgery in NYC. 

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Dr. Shin and his team will be happy to discuss sinusitis treatment and endoscopic sinus surgery with you.  Please call 646.943.7985 to arrange for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our New York office.