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Thyroid Disorder Treatments
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Thyroid Disorder Treatment in NYC

The thyroid gland, located within the lower front of the neck, plays a key role in controlling the body’s metabolic rate through the production of thyroid hormone.  Unfortunately, thyroid problems are very common.  In fact, it’s estimated that more than 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disorders, while up to half the world’s population develop thyroid nodules (or lumps).  The good news is that thyroid disorders are very treatable, and the vast majority of thyroid nodules are found to be harmless.  However, untreated thyroid dysfunction can cause a host of symptoms ranging from fatigue and weight gain to nervousness and heart palpitations.  Additionally, 5% of all thyroid nodules are cancerous and must be treated.  It’s critically important to have an experienced thyroid specialist by your side to help manage thyroid disorders and evaluate thyroid nodules.  As one of New York’s leading thyroid specialists, Dr. Shin offers patients the full range of advanced treatment options for thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. 

Common Thyroid Problems

(Overactive Thyroid)
(Underactive Thyroid)
Thyroid Nodules Thyroid Cancer
Too much thyroid hormone is produced Not enough thyroid hormone is produced Bumps or lumps develop in thyroid gland 5% of thyroid nodules are cancerous
Symptoms can include nervousness, heart palpitations, heat intolerance and weight loss Symptoms can include fatigue, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, depression Nodules must be evaluated to determine if they are cancerous Vast majority of thyroid cancers are very treatable
Most common is Graves’ Disease Most common is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Treatment will depend on size, location and status of nodules (whether they are benign or cancerous) Treatment will depend on type of cancer, plus the size and location of the tumor
Treated with medication and monitoring Treated with medication and monitoring Treatment can include surgery, medication or monitoring Most tumors can be treated by surgically removing the nodules


How do I get more information about thyroid disorders and treatments?

Dr. Shin and his team will be happy to discuss thyroid disorders and treatments with you.  Please call 646.943.7985 to arrange for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our New York, NY office.